Minnie Mouse Personal Checks


Minnie Mouse was created at the same time when Ub Iwerks created Mickey. Minnie is crafted to be Mickey’s love interest ever since they released the short animation “Plane Crazy.” Just like Mickey, Minnie Mouse also debuted on the short animation “Steamboat Willie” where she portrayed the role of being a passenger on the boat. Because their team up was such a phenomenal hit with the audience, Disney animators always made different angles of love stories for the duo.

They also created Mortimer Mouse, the archenemy of Mickey, for some love triangle Mickey-Minnie cartoons. Of course as the heroine, Mickey always conquered Minnie Mouse’s heart and always sends a frightful Mortimer Mouse away. In 1988, the first television show named “Totally Minnie” gave Minnie Mouse the spotlight. Most of the famous singers like Elton John sang duet numbers with her. Often times, her Disney friends like Daisy, Donald, Goofy, and Mickey shows up every now and then on her show.


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